Monday, May 17, 2010


So, my husband and I lived in sunny San Diego for more than 14 years. Living there for that long, you become very used to the weather: 72 degrees and sunny nearly every day. Now that we have moved to Southwest Virginia, we have had to make some adjustments concerning the weather. For example, in the dead of winter, we would occasionally just walk outside without our coat/hat/scarf etc. expecting it to be 72 degrees and sunny and it was 17 degrees and snowing. Ooops...we are not in San Diego! Back inside for the coat. We did this more than once.

Another example would be today. I was expecting to work outside in the yard and paid no attention to the weather and I woke up this morning and it is raining. I checked and it said there was 100% chance of rain today and rain the rest of the week. My lawn is going to look like a hay field soon.

But, I love experiencing weather again. I love how it transforms the world around us. I love how you are forced to adapt your schedule and the opportunity it gives you to become flexible. I love the sound of weather. I love how it makes you slow down. I love how it can make you want to be outside. I love sitting on the porch listening to the rain. I love snow cream.

And I often think that although we did leave near perfect weather in San Diego, I am enjoying my life with weather ~ it is so exciting and challenging and different and I really like that.


Emily said...

What a fresh perspective. I love this post.

Cherie said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it...